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Welcome to the gateway to trade, industry and travel of Norway.
Information about important areas in the region

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The History of Norway.

The first men to appear in what is now Norway, emerged from dim pre-history when the great inland ice sheets were retreating over Scandinavia. 10,000 years ago the forefathers of today's Norwegians hunted reindeer and other prey on their long trek north. The land they came to had for centuries borne the weight of the icecap, so the coastline was about 200 metres higher than it is today. The oldest proofs of human activity were discovered on a hill in the southeast region of Østfold, not far from the southern frontier with Sweden. At that time the hill was probably an offshore island, just south of the glacier tip.

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Fish Industry

        "Libas" Liegruppen "Libas"

Norway, as one of the leading commercial fishing nations in the world, with over 2 million metrics tons in landings. It has a diversified fishing fleet and exports fish and fish products to all corners of the world. Under the brand name the  quality is the key word and the challenge.

Norwegian Seafood is the part of the industry, which is increasing most rapidly. Seafood and salmon will be the most valuable export articles when the export of oil and gas comes to an end.

One this website you will find links to The Institute of Marine Research, Norges Sildesalgslag, different worldwide internet companies and magazines which also gives you the news from companies which offer products or technology related to the sea.

You will find links to those companies which has websites at the internet. On our website and links you will find the news and articles on Seafood, Aquaculture, Salmon, Fish processing, Export, Biotechnology and Environment.

Read more here. You can read more about the companies on the link Fish Industry . Some comments are in norwegian, but the web sites has an english part. 

Norwegian oil and gas enter a new century

                             West Alpha

Production of oil in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea began on the Ekofisk field in 1971. Now, on the threshold of a new century, Norway holds the position of the world’s second largest exporter of oil after Saudi Arabia and is expected to maintain this high level of production for several years to come. After all, the country has only reached the halfway point of its so-called Oil Age.

By Jan Hagland

It is not without a certain amount of excitement about industry and energy strategy that Norway is entering what has been dubbed the Gas Century: natural gas is becoming an increasingly sought-after and eco-acceptable energy commodity. Norwegian exports of gas to countries in Europe will nearly triple from now until 2005, in competition with gas from Russia and Algeria and other countries. Norwegian gas exports to Europe nevertheless have a 90-year perspective.

Read more here. Read more obout the companies on this link. Some comments are in norwegian, but the web sites has an english part. 


Welcome to Bergen.

Bergen is easy to get to, from other places in Norway and from abroad. Thanks to direct air routes from Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Aberdeen and London, you only need to change flight once to reach Bergen from far-away destinations. You can also take the direct sea route from Hanstholm in Denmark and Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England, as well as from the Faeroe Islands, Iceland and Shetland.

More pictures from Bergen here.

Domestic air connections are very good. Modern express boats go along the coast and into the fjord areas; there are express bus routes in nearly every direction, and Bergen is the turn-around port for the world-famous Norwegian Coastal Voyage to "The Land of the Midnight Sun". The spectacular train journey between Oslo and Bergen should not be missed!

You can visit the local info web sites on the link Travel . Some comments are in norwegian, but most of them has an english site.

Have a nice stay in Norway!

Read more about Bergen and Western Norway

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