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Mood of Norway
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Moods of Norway

Beverly Hills welcomes moods of norway
We are proud to announce that we are going to open up our very first American flagship store in Beverly Hills in May 2009.

There will be tractors, waffles, music, cocktails and a whole lot of actions in the store (Norwegian fashion embassy). Exact date soon to be announced. Let's get the golden tractors rolling in Beverly Hills…

Moods of norway FJORD STORE opening.

Moods of norway FJORD STORE opening March 8th. in beautiful FLØ!! We have joined forces with studio Hugo Opdal, so drop by to enjoy a mix of art and fashion. Brand new art pieces from norwegian super artist Nicolay Aamodt and our Legendary Superstars collection will set the framework for 6th moods of norway superstore.

AW 2009 collection / Cocktail Travels.
Moods of norway will proudly show the new autumn/winter 2009 collection (cocktail travels) at Class trade show, Santa Monica USA 2-3 Feb, CPH vision in Copenhagen 5-8 Feb, Oslo Fashion Fair 13-15 Feb. We are looking forward to see you at any of those locations.
The Tractor - One Hundred Years.
Thanks to Isach Coldevin the first tractor arrived in Dønnes, Norway on the 17th of May 1908. This speed racing monster did 6km/h on dry soil. Hundred years later there are 234.243 beutiful tractors sprinkled like pink fairy dust all across Norway

Moods of Norway

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